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Subject Work on Testing Apps
From Brenda Ng
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2016 11:09:12 +0800
Newsgroups hku.cs.career
Attachment(s) uTest Paid Project Flyer - Hong Kong.pdf

Company: Applause App Quality (previous name as "uTest")

Job: Testing Apps

Job Description:

"Interested in testing Apps and getting paid for it? Join us at uTest!

  uTest currently provides software and device testing for major
companies around the world. The testing is performed by software testers
of different levels who test in their free time on various projects.
Paid testing projects include discovering bugs, completing test cases,
surveys, etc.

This is a great opportunity, for the students especially, to apply their
knowledge of app testing into a real world environment.  These are paid
projects as well so you are well compensated for your work!

We are currently running a project in Hong Kong for a mobile payment
app! Would you be interested in testing this? If so please visit our
website at utest.com and go to our Projects Page

Application Process:

Set up account at utest.com or directly contact masson@applause.com
Once account is setup, applicants can apply for the project at the
following link:

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